J. K. F. Sandham
A Tale of the Nine Lands

Highly rated fantasy novel

Myself and my 15 year old son have both read this within days of receiving. We literally could not put it down. This is a must read, we love finding a hidden gem from a new author.

Emma, Amazon reviewer

Excellent book, the Nine Lands are really well built into the book, descriptions enable the reader to visualise the world with ease. The characters develop in-depth throughout each chapter and the story is intriguing leaving the reader ready to step into the next book.

Amanda, Amazon reviewer

I just finished reading the Harry Potter series again for the first time in 15 years then read this straight after. Needless to say they were big boots to fill - and slightly different themes, with Rowling being a slight bit more magic placed in real world and Sandham being more magic in epic fantasy world - but this was a REALLY enjoyable read. It’s no harry potter and the deathly hallows, but it’s a significant inroad into fantasy for a first book. So, I’m giving it five stars and hope the next is world class.

Will B, Amazon reviewer

'A Tale of the Nine Lands' is an amazing fantasy novel with rich world-building and complex characters that kept me hooked from start to finish. It's a must-read for any fan of epic adventures and immersive storytelling.

Denise, Amazon reviewer

The characters were interesting, seems the author invented the Keradin which reminded me of a mix between a Jedi or a Buddhist and with a blue body, hairy, with horns, was intriguing. The Keradin losing his way was a classic storyline too and well done, not cliche.

Mandeep, Amazon reviewer

The magic within will set you free…

Spread your wings through the fire and fly…

Powerless and weak, humans and dwarves have suffered under the whip and wand of giants and witches for centuries. Built upon the blood of slaves, the Nine Lands is a world of unimaginable wealth and power, but something is shifting on the mythical continent. An ancient, forgotten magic stirs in the veins of those bound by its evil chains.

Brought together by fate, an unlikely trio holds the key to release the Nine Lands from the shadows.

Theo, a young, rebellious human slave, searches for courage to free the ones he loves. When the cruel taskmaster harbours a sinister affection for his best friend, they must find a way to escape the prison they have always called home.

Ash, a palace servant, finds her mere thoughts can kill those who hurt her. She only wished the apple was poisoned. So how did the prince die?

Exiluk, a horned keradin, should return home. But the Nine Lands call to him for one last adventure that threatens to darken his destiny. Abandoning his humble upbringing, he is entranced by the treasures of the Nine Lands.

On separate journeys connected by destiny, the three must face their inner shadows and draw on their deepest powers to spread their wings and fly…

The Nine Lands Map

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About the Author

J. K. F. Sandham is South African born, raised in England, and resides in Wales. Half his blood is Indian. He lives in Cardiff where he studied English literature, philosophy, and creative writing. He loves all things fantasy and holds the conviction there is more magic in the real world than meets the eye. His writing intends to inspire readers to overcome their adversities and open their minds to new opportunities, whilst entertaining them and immersing them in enchanting fantasy worlds.

J. K. F. also writes gritty British crime as Jameel Sandham.

J. K. F. Sandham
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